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More Weather info at Runyan Lake




Runyan Lake ice conditions*:  " UNSAFE "  Ice has developed on the majority of the main body of the lake, however above freezing temperatures over the weekend have thinned the ice.  Current temperatures near freezing also result in the ice melting from beneath, further compromising the ice.  Areas around the various inlets have open water areas.  The Ice will begin to build when colder temperatures return.  At present the ice is too thin and sporadic to support people, pets, or toys.   (1/21/14)  

*There may be ice in the cove and channel areas of better quality.  As always, use caution!  Tell someone before going out onto the ice and when you expect to be back.  Never attempt a rescue of pets or persons without the help of others.  Ice on Runyan Lake varies in quality around the lake, is unpredictable, and is often of poor quality.  In temperatures above 28 degrees the ice will rapidly melt from underneath, resulting in weakened ice conditions.  Have fun, but be safe!



Welcome !


This site is for the community of Runyan Lake, the members of Runyan Lake, Inc. and
for the interest of their friends and those who desire information on residing

and owning property in the Runyan Lake community.


Click any link below for information.              Realtors/Title Companies click HERE.


Report sewer alarm or sewer leak


Most of the documents on this website are in PDF form.  Get Adobe Reader here



Website email issue

We are having issues with our website client emails.  Until further notice, to contact RLI please send an email to us directly using


Boat Ramp Access
There are no set hours for the boat ramp.  For riparian Members, please call a trustee with 24 hours advance notice.(Appointments cannot be made online) Click HERE for more information.

Fall 2014 General Membership Meeting


Friday, August 29, 2014 @ 7:00 PM


Fall 2014 Newsletter & Meeting Notice

Minutes of Spring 2014 General Meeting (draft)

Proxy Ballot


Purple Loosestrife Alert

If you see and can access the invasive plant Purple Loosestrife (spikes of purple flowers), please cut off the blooms and bag them carefully in a plastic garbage bag. Tie up the bag and place it in your trash. One plant has millions of seeds that will fall if not removed. This is an undesirable invasive plant that will choke out native plants.  More information and pictures can be found here.


Aquatic Weed Control

Our last general lake treatment was July 21st.  Please see the weed control page for the current treatment map, current treatment notice, annual treatment notice, treatment dates, and more details. 


Fishing Contest

The 2014 fishing contest was June 27 - July 4.  See the fishing page for more details.


4th of July Fireworks

Weren't they great?  Feedback is appreciated!

This year’s fireworks will be enhanced through a contribution from the Pelson sisters, Judy Uniatowski of Runyan Lake Point, and Arlene Tarbet of Livonia, MI, in memory of their brother Steve Pelson who passed away on June 9, 2014.  Steve spent many of his early years on the lake, including his last 10 years on Runyan Lake Point.  He always felt the lake was like paradise.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Water Quality Testing Results

Samples were taken on 5/30/14 and 8/18/14.  No issues were noted.  Our next sampling will be in Spring 2015.

Goose Control

 No Geese were present during the round up period this year.


4-9-14 Email to all Members


We have a breeding pair of
Mute Swans on Runyan Lake.  For more information can be found HERE.


We have a new invasive plant species in Runyan Lake, Starry Stonewort.  More information HERE.


Island Project

Construction is complete!  The status of the Island Protection and Preservation Project can be found HERE.


What's New Web Page

Want to quickly know what has recently changed on our website?  Try our What's New? page!!




Community Notices

7/28/14: Our outbound email is being blocked by our email service provider.   We are trying to resolve the issue.  (resolved on 8/1)


7/27/14:  Found Item -

Cell phone in black case on island, likely left after the island event.  Call 810-354-5469 to identify and claim your phone.


5/13/14:  High Lake Level Alert Cancelled.


5/13/14:  High Lake Level Alert!

Please read the email notice here.


5/6/14: The area around the island has been cleared of rocks.  Please use caution when boating around the island since the area is generally shallow and any objects in the water can result in contact with outdrives and propellers.


 5/3/14: A number of large rocks from our seawall were thrown into the navigation area around the island dock.  Please avoid the area around the island until further notice to avoid damage to stern drives, outboard motors, and propellers.   Once the area is clear we will post another notification. 


 4-9-14 Email to all Members


2014 dates and events have been posted.  Please see the Dates & Events page.


For previous Community Notices click here.



Sewer Rate Increase!

On 12/3/13 the Tyrone Township Board approved another increase to our quarterly sewer O&M fees for 2014.  This increase is in response to a rate increase by Livingston County effective 1/1/14.  RLI remains concerned about the large cost incurred by RLI Members while most of the Tyrone Township sewer system remains unused. We will continue to work with the Drain Commission and Township in an effort to control costs and require others to pay their fair share. Please contact Keith Kremer, Clerk, and Marna Bunting-Smith, Treasurer, @ 810-629-8631 with your questions, concerns, or complaints. 


2003 quarterly rate: $60.00


        2007 quarterly rate:  $117.01

Jan. 2010 quarterly rate:  $136.50

 Oct. 2010 quarterly rate: $160.75

Jan. 2011 quarterly rate:  $165.75

April 2012 quarterly rate:  $170.50
April 2013 quarterly rate:  $185.50


(Current) 2014 rate: $201.25



We now pay $841/yr for sewer service, an increase of $601 (350%) since 2003!  This does not include the special assessment levied for the 2003 system upgrade, an additional $300/yr for most, or the additional $650 assessment for the grinder pump!


Are we really paying our fair share or are we subsidizing the rest of the undeveloped system?  Ask your township officials!







Realtors/Title Companies
Property owner and realtor information - please click on the above link *


* Please contact Ivan Quinn, Treasurer, Runyan Lake Inc., for a complete package of information including overview, billing & payment status, and lake access privileges for any specific property in the Runyan Lake community.


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