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Starry Stonewort Harvesting - Fall 2013

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Starry Stonewort is a highly invasive algae which looks similar to Chara, but grows rapidly during July and August.  This results in thick masses often more than 3 feet thick, which makes swimming and boating nearly impossible.  Starry Stonewort is also believed to interfere with the breeding habitat of many of our fish, in particular Bluegill and Perch.  As approved at the spring and fall General Membership Meetings, mechanical removal will be followed by frequent copper treatments as recommended by the MDEQ and aquatic weed experts in an attempt to better control this invasive species.



Request for Pictures, and Privacy Notice

Runyan Lake residents, please submit any suitable pictures, old or new, that you may have of Runyan Lake scenes or activities on Runyan Lake to for our photo galleries.  When submitting pictures please remember that the web site is a public forum, we are looking for scenes, activities, and water sport action pictures to present Runyan Lake in the best manner possible!  Pictures are posted in JPG format ~300KB size.  All postings are in good faith that all members and subjects depicted are comfortable with pictures being on this public forum.  We receive images from many trusted sources, but if you see a picture here that you prefer is not posted, we apologize, and we will remove it immediately upon request.


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