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Effective 1/1/2014 the association is providing refuse collection services to all RLPPOA Members to help save our roads!  Participation is mandatory.  Each household will be charged an annual refuse assessment  along with your annual dues. 

All existing personal contracts with the various waste collection services should be cancelled effective 1/1/2014.  Reference the 10/21/13 mailed letter.


June 2013 - We continue to have difficulty contacting WM and resolving pricing and services differences.  As stated above, your rate should be $144 per year for garbage and recycle, and $150 for garbage, recycle, and yard waste, when using our annual prepay discount.  There may a small increase for 2013, but it should not exceed $155 or $161 respectively.

April 2012 - Please click here for information from Waste Management regarding yard waste collection services for 2012.

*Update:  5/23/11 - You may have received a post card notice from Waste Management indicating they have purchased the assets of HMS Refuse effective May 1.  We are unsure if this is the cause of recent complaints regarding trash collection services.  We are in contact with Waste Management working on a revised service agreement and clarification of services.  We will communicate information to the RLPPOA members as it becomes available.

*Update:  6/22/11 - Waste Management has issued their first bill for services, received by many on 6/20/11.  Your rate should not have changed from your prior HMS Refuse bill.  We continue to have some dialog as we look to potentially expand the service area and reduce our cost. 

The Runyan Lake Point Property Owner's Association, Inc. (RLPPOA) had an agreement with HMS Refuse which offered RLPPOA members a discounted rate which includes regular trash pick-up, recycling, summer yard waste collection and large item pick-up.  Waste Management is working with us to honor this agreement and better clarify it going forward. All refuse is picked up on Wednesday except when certain holidays delay pick-up by one day.  Recycle items are picked up every other Wednesday according to the schedule below.  To take advantage of the discounted rate call Waste Management (866-797-9018) and tell them you are a member of the RLPPOA and are requesting the group discount.  Hours are Monday Ė Friday from 7:30-5:30.  You may also email them at MIOHCustomerService@wm.comThe Waste Management website is

What we know so far:  Waste Management will also accept plastic items #3 - #7 for recycle.  Bagged trash will be accepted as long as it is not mixed with compost. Per state laws, they canít accept those together. If you have a large item (couch, tv, bookcase, etc) residents are allowed 1 free item per month and they ask they be scheduled ahead of time.  Waste management contact number:  866-797-9018 or email them at

Recycle Items
Per Waste Management, the following items can be recycled immediately: newspaper, junk mail, office paper, metal cans (tin, aluminum, etc.) corrugated cardboard (3ft x 3ft sections max, larger pieces go as trash) and plastics 1-7. The only exception to plastics is anything that held something hazardous (motor oil, pesticides, etc.) cannot be accepted.  Laundry detergent and bleach bottles are OK.  Please note the expanded plastics recycling service provided.


For 2013, Recycle is picked up the week of:  (even weeks of the year)
January 8, 22
February 5, 19
March 4, 18
April 1, 15, 29
May 13, 27
June 10, 24
July 8, 22
August 5, 19
September 2, 16, 30
October 14, 28
November 11, 25
December 9, 23


2013 Waste Management Holiday Schedule

The holidays are a special time for all of our Waste Management employees.  This year, our entire team will be taking off the following day to spend with our families:

Labor Day - Monday, September 2, 2013

There will be no service on September 2nd.  All services for Labor Day week will be delayed by one day.  Friday services will be recovered on Saturday for Labor Day week only.

The following is the service schedule for Labor Day week only:

bulletIf your normal service day is WEDNESDAY, you will be serviced on THURSDAY.


2013 Holiday Schedule

Waste Management will not perform service on the following days:

bulletNew Year's Day
bulletMemorial Day
bulletIndependence Day
bulletLabor Day
bulletThanksgiving Day
bulletChristmas Day

If your service falls on or follows one of these days, your service day will be delayed by one day for the holiday week only.  Friday services will be performed on Saturday.  Holiday information can be found at


Contact WM

Waste Management, Inc
11622 East M-21 Hwy 
Lennon, MI 48529 
Phone: 866-797-9018



10533 Runyan Lake Pt.
Fenton, MI  48430-2411


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