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RLI Boat Ramp

The RLI owned boat ramp is located at the end of Walnut Shores Drive where it meet the Runyan Lake cove.  Runyan Lake is a private lake, so use of the boat ramp is limited to those who are Runyan Lake riparian property owners, as set forth by the laws of the State of Michigan. 


Use of the boat ramp requires compliance with the RLI boat ramp use policy. 


There are answers to some basic ramp use questions on our FAQ page.


RLI Boat Ramp Use Policy

Hours of Operation: There are no set open hours for the boat ramp.  Appointments cannot be made online.

Please call one of the area trustees or gate keepers to make an appointment.  Leave a message if there is no answer.  Please provide at least 24 hours advance notice so we can schedule boats together when possible.

Sending a text message may be a more reliable contact method than calling since many phone service providers are blocking unpublished phone numbers.

Boat Ramp Access Help

In addition to the RLI Trustees you may also contact the following gate keepers to request access to the boat ramp:

Gate Keepers

Name Contact Information
Rob Coffin 248-506-4583
Dan Cypher 810-730-9311
Gary Delamielleure 810-599-4507
Mike Ostrowski 810-287-6983
Tim Polakowski 810-965-6298
Jim Sporer 810-399-5669

Requirements to Use the RLI Boat Ramp:

In order to use the RLI boat ramp, our boat ramp use policy, consistent with our Bylaws is:

bulletYour RLI annual dues for 2024 and all prior years must be paid for all lots owned;
bulletWatercraft must be titled to Runyan Lake riparian property owners or their renters; (State and local law)
bulletRenters must request boat stickers through the property owner.
bulletYour state of Michigan watercraft registration must be current and displayed on the watercraft; (State law)
bullet A 2024 RLI boat sticker must be present on the watercraft (RLI Bylaws Section 8.02);
bulletAn RLI liability waiver should be on file (RLI Bylaws Section 8.02).

Renters: As provided for in Bylaws Sections 8.01 and 8.02, upon proof of rental and boat ownership by the renter, owners of rental properties may be issued up to two (2) stickers for use by the renter for the length of the rental or summer season, whichever is shorter. It is the Memberís responsibility to request boat stickers for their renters.  Consistent with Bylaws section 8.02 and Michigan Riparian Law limiting private lake access to riparian property owners, short term renters will most likely be denied access to the RLI boat ramp, and by Michigan Riparian Law, are not permitted to have watercraft on Runyan Lake. 

Condition of Watercraft and Trailers: Watercraft and trailers must be clean if coming from another water body to minimize risk of introducing invasive species.  Please require any marina or trailer service you utilize to do the same. This is the law effective 2019! Please protect your lake!


Boat Ramp Location


RLI Bylaws References:

Article VI. Restrictions

Section 6.03 Lake Access/Usage

No RLI lake property owner shall use said property for a public access or additional easement(s) to Runyan Lake. No property in the Territory of RLI shall be used for business purposes associated with the lake (i.e. marinas, boat/PWC (personal watercraft) rental, ski schools, restaurants, etc.). Owners of property outside of the Territory and Section 1.02 (d) No Access Members shall not have access to Runyan Lake.

Section 6.04 Keyholing

Common use ("Keyhole") restrictions shall apply as described in the current Tyrone Township Shoreland Regulations Ordinance and other Tyrone Township ordinances referring to such matters.

Article VIII. Boating

Section 8.01 RLI Guidelines

(a) Owners

All boats owned by property owners, identified in Section 1.02 as (a) Regular member or (b) Shared Ownership Member entitled to use Runyan Lake must be registered with the RLI and display the nontransferable registration sticker on the right side of the hull immediately aft of the Michigan boat registration decals, or on the right side of the windshield.

This bylaw was further amended by Special Meeting Vote on July 5, 1987, to provide that all eligible property owners, in good standing, within the Territory, must each year register their boats with RLI and receive a serial numbered, nontransferable sticker for each boat owned by the property owner. Further, all stickers must be attached to the boat prior to being placed in the water. If the boat is not registered with RLI and a sticker affixed to the boat, then a notification of violation may be mailed to the property owner.

(b) Renters

Owners of rental properties, identified in Section 1.02 as (a) Regular member or (b) Shared Ownership Member, within the Territory are responsible for compliance to any and all applicable RLI bylaws of their renters. Upon proof of rental and boat ownership of renter, owners of rental properties may be issued two (2) stickers for renter for the length of rental or summer season, whichever is shorter. It is the Memberís responsibility to approach the Board for said stickers. The Board reserves the right to award and/or revoke such stickers on a case-by-case basis.

Section 8.02 Regulations for use of RLI Boat Ramp

Boats, PWC's, and any other craft, raft, or dock equipment used on Runyan Lake and launched or recovered via the RLI boat ramp must be owned by and titled to Runyan Lake Members, in good standing, identified in Section 1.02 as (a) Regular Member or (b) Shared Ownership Member or their Runyan Lake property renters.

There is no provision for "day" use of the boat ramp, meaning that there is no provision for launching and retrieving boats via the ramp the same day or the same weekend, except in emergencies such as boat damage being incurred or boat repairs being required. It is expected that property owners will generally keep their boats at their own docks during the summer season, approximating to the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Users of the RLI boat ramp are requested to use the ramp by calling their area Trustee to make a mutually agreeable appointment providing a minimum of 24 hours notice. Alternative arrangements for opening the boat ramp for the use of Members identified in Section 1.02 as (a) Regular member or (b) Shared Ownership Member may be made by the Board from time to time.

All boats, PWCís, and other craft that are required to be registered with the State of Michigan must display current State of Michigan registration, "MC" no. and validation (year).

All boats and craft used on Runyan Lake must have a current RLI boat registration sticker displayed on the right side of the hull immediately aft of the Michigan boat registration decals, or on right side of windshield. At the request of a Regular or Shared Ownership Member, RLI boat registration stickers may also be issued for the identification of craft not required to be registered with the State of Michigan, or for rafts.

To prevent bringing non-native plant and aquatic life into Runyan Lake, Members must wash and thoroughly clean any boat, PWC, or other craft or dock equipment that has been in or on another water body prior to launching it on Runyan Lake. Such washing shall include washing out live call wells, bilge and engine cooling system.

Users of the RLI boat ramp agree to indemnify and hold harmless RLI and its Trustees and Members against all and any liability for any injury to persons or damage to property including any damage to boats, PWC's, other craft, trailers, or towing vehicles associated with use of Runyan Lake Island and use of the RLI boat ramp.



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