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4th of July Fireworks

2021 show date:  July 2nd (Friday)

Due to crew shortages associated with COVID-19 and other economic factors our 2021 fireworks display will use a new contractor and the show will be on Friday this year.  We are working to secure Saturday dates in future years.  More information will be shared as it becomes available.


General Fireworks Information

Runyan Lake Inc. provides a Fireworks display on the evening of the Saturday closest to the 4th of July.  Fireworks are launched from the island in the southern portion of the lake by a federal and state permitted and licensed pyrotechnics contractor.  Runyan Lake's fireworks display is legally permitted by the State of Michigan and Tyrone Township.  The show typically lasts 30 - 40 minutes and begins once it is dark (approx. 10:10pm).  Funds for this activity are budgeted and approved annually by the Membership during the Fall General Membership Meeting.  Your RLI annual dues includes an amount to fund this very popular activity.  If bad weather forces us to cancel the show we attempt the display on the following day. 


Volunteers Needed! (without your help we cannot offer the fireworks show)

We get a great show in part because RLI volunteers help transfer the fireworks and display equipment to and from the island.  Our contractor gives us a price break as a result.  Each year we need 6 - 8 volunteers to help with setup during the day of the fireworks, and with take down which occurs approximately 30 minutes after the show (11pm).  Each activity takes about 1 - 1.5 hours as we transfer equipment between the boat ramp and the island.  The most efficient transfers occur when we have 3 people on the island and 3 or 4 people at the boat ramp.  If you are interesting in volunteering, please contact Andy Nester (810-241-4144) or Mark Meisel (810-354-5469).


We need the following help during both setup and take down:


Three people at the boat ramp to transfer equipment between the truck and the barge;


Three people on the island to transfer equipment to and from the barge;


One person willing to tow the barge to and from the island using their pontoon;


    Usually three trips during setup and two trips during takedown.


Safety Information

CAUTION!!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  On the day of the fireworks display, dangerous and valuable explosives (fireworks) are transferred to the island and placed in launch tubes located around the island.  When boats pass by the island on the east side close to the dock, especially wakeboard boats and those tubing, your large boat wake hits the island with such force that water often gets into the tubes located on that side of the island.  The affected fireworks are often ruined.  Please stay as far away from the island and minimize your boat wake to help prevent ruined fireworks. 


NO ISLAND ACCESS   On the day of the fireworks display the island is closed to all but those performing the fireworks setup.  Due to the risk of explosion and to comply with federal and state regulations, please do not approach the island or let your pets approach or access the island.  The island will be taped off with caution tape when the island is closed.  The island will be cleaned up and cleared the morning following the fireworks and can once again be used once the caution tape has been taken down. 


PRIOR TO THE SHOW  As darkness falls, to comply with federal and state safety regulations, all persons and boats must be at least 600 feet from the island.  This is especially important now that we include aquatic shells in our display.  The contractor will not start the show, and will stop the show, if anyone is within this safety zone. 


Annual RLI fireworks display schedule



















- 2 -













Future dates are being negotiated with our new fireworks display contractor.



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