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Printable copy of this page     Sewer Emergency, what to do     Do's & Don'ts recommendations     Remodeling/Landscaping Resources

Livingston Regional Sewer System
(under the supervision of the Livingston County Board of Public Works [BPW])

Past Sewer Leak Reports

To Report a Sewer Alarm or Sewer Leak call 517-546-0040

Leave a message if outside of normal business hours.  You will receive a call back and maintenance personnel
 will arrive shortly to identify the cause of the alarm.

Runyan Lake is protected by a sewer system. Our lake and ground water quality continue to benefit from this action.

History:  During the period of 1988 to 1991, the properties around Runyan Lake were connected to a community septic system. This system, which had its leaching beds, or septic fields, located away from the lake, began the process of protecting and cleaning the waters of Runyan Lake.

No longer did water leaching from individual septic systems reach Runyan Lake. This important change also helps protect our private wells by preventing groundwater contamination. This system functioned as a community sewer system and was operated and maintained by the Livingston County Drain Commission.

How it works:  The sewer system around Runyan Lake operates differently than many sewer systems. A traditional sewer system has a pipe that connects to your home. This pipe carries the waste to a sewer treatment plant for processing.

The Runyan Lake system has several additional components. Each home has a holding tank. Most of these tanks are black plastic and hold nearly 1,200 gallons. Inside the tank is a grinder pump, operating similar to a sump pump. When the water in the holding tank reaches a certain level, the pump turns on and pumps the water and waste into the sewer system piping, which goes in our case to the White Lake Road pumping station.  From there it goes to the Genesee County treatment plant.

The holding tank also acts as a septic tank, breaking down much of the waste using biological activity. The advantage of the holding tank is that if the power fails, or some other type of sewer back-up were to occur, you have capacity in the tank so you can continue to use your household appliances without fear of the sewer backing up into your home. About 800 gallons of the tank is used for reserve capacity.  During a power outage you should minimize your use of water so you don't overfill the tank. 

Recent upgrades:  During 2003, Tyrone Township sought to established a regional sewer system.  In response to stricter requirements from the EPA and the MDEQ as well as performance concerns with the aging septic fields, Runyan Lake residents joined the new Livingston Regional Sewer System.  With this improved system waste water is pumped to a sewer treatment plant located in Linden, which is operated by Genesee County.

As part of this upgrade, the pumps located in the septic tanks are being changed to more reliable, better performing "grinder" pumps to pump away all sewage waste material. Because of the pump change, residents should no longer need to have their holding tanks pumped periodically.


Livingston Regional Sewer System:  This system provides public sewer services to the following Tyrone Township areas:  Cider Mill manufactured home park, Irish Hills, Old US-23 corridor (north and south of Center Road),  Runyan Lake, The Preserve, and Tyrone Woods manufactured home park.  The northern portion of Hartland Township is also connected to this system.  It is anticipated Lake Tyrone, Lake Shannon, and The Hills of Tyrone South will also connect in the future.  It should be noted that approximately 328 Residential Equivalent Units (REUs) of the 2016 REUs allocated to Tyrone Township are for Runyan Lake area residents, meaning Runyan Lake residents represent only 16% of the sewer system's intended users, however Runyan Lake users make up approximately 70% of the current sewer system users.  To those township residents concerned about the sewer debt, Runyan Lake users are paying customers.  It is the bulk of the remaining 84% of the sewer system's intended users that are not paying their share, and thus creating the financial hardship for the township.

What you need to know:  The water level in the holding tank is monitored by a level system. If the water level becomes too high, an audible alarm and flashing light will activate. The alarm and light are part of a control box mounted to the side of each home. The alarm can be silenced by pressing the silence button. The light will stay on until the water level is back to normal depth.

If the alarm sounds, IMMEDIATELY CALL  the Livingston Country Drain Commission at 517-546-0040.  Leave a message if outside of normal business hours.  You will receive a call back and maintenance personnel will arrive shortly to identify the cause of the alarm.

Until the cause of the alarm is identified and fixed, water usage must be restricted to prevent a back-up into your home.

Please also refer to the sewer system DOs and DONíTs based on Livingston County Drain Commission recommendations .

For other sewer and Drain Commission information please refer to the Livingston County Drain Commission web site.

Quarterly O&M:  Those connected to the Livingston Regional Sewer System pay a quarterly Operation & Maintenance (O&M) fee.  This fee covers the costs associated with system operation and maintenance such as odor reduction, piping (infrastructure) repair, pumping station operating costs and maintenance, and grinder pump maintenance and repair. The current quarterly O&M fee, as of January 2022, is $249.00.

Remodeling or Landscaping?  If you are doing significant remodeling of your home, are planning to re-grade your property or driveway, or will be digging, please call MISS DIG to avoid hitting and damaging sewer or other utility lines.  The following documents may also be of interest:

 Suspend Service     Site Inspection


Tyrone Township Sewer Use Ordinance            O&M Fee Calculation


Historical O&M (Operation & Maintenance) Rates


On 12/1/15 the Tyrone Township Board approved increases to our quarterly sewer O&M fees for 2016 - 2021 of approximately 3.5% annually.  Annual increases are expected to continue thereafter. .RLI remains concerned about the large cost incurred by RLI Members while most of the Tyrone Township sewer system remains unused. We will continue to work with the Drain Commission and Township in an effort to control costs and require others to pay their fair share.


Please contact Pam Moughler, Clerk, or Jennifer Eden, Treasurer, @ 810-629-8631 with your questions, concerns, or complaints. 


2003 quarterly rate: $60.00 (Runyan Lake Community Septic System)

2004 quarterly rate: $75.00 (Livingston Regional Sewer System)


2007 quarterly rate:  $117.01

Jan. 2010 quarterly rate:  $136.50

Oct. 2010 quarterly rate:  $160.75

Jan. 2011 quarterly rate:  $165.75

April 2012 quarterly rate:  $170.50
April 2013 quarterly rate:  $185.50

Jan. 2014 quarterly rate:  $201.25

Jan. 2015 quarterly rate:  $205.70

Jan. 2016 quarterly rate:  $212.89

Jan 2017 quarterly rate:  $219.25

Jan 2019 quarterly rate: $227.00

Jan 2020 quarterly rate: $233.81

Jan 2021 quarterly rate: $241.37

Jan 2022 quarterly rate: $249.00

Jan 2023 quarterly rate: $256.00

Jan 2020 rate: $233.81 (click for details of how the O&M rate is calculated)


We now pay $1024/yr for sewer service, an increase of $724/yr (241%) since 2004!  This does not include the special assessment levied for the 2003 system upgrade, an additional $300/yr for most, or the additional $650 assessment for the grinder pump!


Are we really paying our fair share or are we subsidizing the rest of the undeveloped and unused system?  Ask your township officials about the debt service charge we pay, and who's sewer service we are also paying for as a result!


Sewer System Leak Reports




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