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Tyrone Township News

FENTON, MI 48430
(810) 629-8631

This page is intended to update the RLI community on relevant Tyrone Township news. 

To contact Tyrone Township: 810-629-8631, the office is open  Monday - Thursday, 9AM - 5PM.

Tyrone Township Website
You can access the Tyrone Township website by clicking here.  There you will find meeting notices and minutes, access to township regulatory and zoning ordinances, and other information about your township.

May 3, 2018:  The burn ban has been lifted.  Please burn safely.  Reminder, burning requires a burn permit.  See below.


May 1, 2018, Tuesday - A burn ban is in effect for the township due to dry conditions and high winds starting today.


Burn Permits Required for Recreationa Fires - No Burning of Grass Clippings or Leaves!

Effective January 1, 2018, Tyrone Township updated Ordinance 44, the Open Burning ordinance, to prohibit the burning of grass clippings and leaves in residential areas, which includes the entire Runyan lake area. Runyan Lake Inc. discourages general burning by members because the ash and smoke contain phosphorus and nitrogen.  When released into our waterways, the phosphorus and nitrogen “fertilize” our aquatic vegetation and algae. These nutrients are carried by rain water and lawn irrigation to the water, as well as by smoke and ash released into the air.  These nutrients increase weed and algae growth, and thus our costs to manage them. The smoke also irritates many of your neighbors.  Did you know burning 5 pounds of leaves produces 1 pound of air pollution?  Most area waste collection companies offer a composting service which is much kinder to the environment and creates valuable mulch. 

If you feel you must burn...........

Residents of Tyrone Township who wish to burn MUST obtain a burn permit from the township and adhere to Ordinance 44.  This includes recreational fires.  Burning is NOT permitted if wind speeds exceed 8 mph or if dry conditions exist.  Permits cost $5.00, are good for one calendar year, and may be obtained from the township, or:

click here for Open Burning Requirements and Permit

Permits are valid when the township is in receipt of the $5.00 fee and application.

Not adhering to Ordinance 44  may result in a fire run service charge (approx. $1400) and/or fine.



Fire and Police Protection Special Assessment Renewal

Fire and additional Sheriff protection are provided to Tyrone Township residents through a special assessment on our winter taxes. The current assessment is up for renewal. Tyrone Township will hold public informational meetings for the special assessment renewal. The meetings will be held:


Monday, October 6th and Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at 7pm.

The Rock Church

11400 Linden Rd,

Fenton Township, MI 48430


Click here for the press release and ballot language.


Mike Cunningham

Tyrone Township Supervisor

(810) 629-8631


Fire Protection ISO Ratings - Updated!

Tyrone Township's ISO (Insurance Service Organization) Public Protection Classifications rating has been updated as of June 1, 2012.  These new ratings may provide a significant reduction in your homeowner's insurance premium.  We encourage you to contact your insurance company to see if this will affect you! 

To read more about the ISO rating,
click here.

To see a map of the classifications, click here.


Tyrone Township Master Plan Update

Tyrone Township recently updated its Master Plan.  The prior update of the Master Plan was during 2003.  Runyan Lake Inc. has reviewed the Master Plan update and believes the interests and concerns of Runyan Lake residents are being reasonably addressed.  The Township Board adopted the new Master Plan during its February 19, 2013 township Board meeting.  More information, including a copy of the Master Plan, can be found on Tyrone Township's website.


Outdoor Storage Ordinance Update

New Outdoor Storage Ordinance.  Click here for a summary of the changes which may affect RLI members.


Sewer Rate Increase

On 12/1/15 the Tyrone Township Board approved increases to our quarterly sewer O&M fees for 2016 - 2021 of approximately 3.5% annually.  Increases will generally occur beginning with the January billing.  The reason for these increases is due to an increase imposed by Livingston County to cover increased system maintenance costs and to continue to pay down the Livingston Regional Sewer System debt.  Runyan Lake Inc. has reviewed the financial details causing these rate increases and believes the increases are consistent with the increases imposed by Livingston County to cover the increased operational costs of our sewer system.  RLI remains concerned about the significant increases to the O&M rate.

Runyan Lake Inc. continues to work with the Livingston County Drain Commissioner and Tyrone Township to keep our sewer rates as low as possible.  Questions from RLI members can be directed to Mark Meisel or contact the Tyrone Township Treasurer, Marna Bunting-Smith. 


August 3rd, 2010 election information regarding the Public Safety special assessment

You can access Tyrone Township's newsletter discussing this important issue here.



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