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The lake association for the entire community of Runyan Lake
located in Tyrone Township, Livingston County, Michigan.



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Realtor & Title Company Resources

This page is intended for use by realtors, title companies, and prospective property owners seeking
information about Runyan Lake and Runyan Lake Inc.

Contacting RLI / Realtor Request Form:  If you have an urgent need for information about a specific property (dues outstanding, lake access rights, lien status or settlement) you are more likely to reach us quickly by email than by phone.  Please email us HERE or you may try the phone numbers provided below.  We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

By Mail:

By Phone:

Runyan Lake Inc.
P.O. Box 105
Fenton, MI 48430-0105

For Realtor or Title Company Requests:
Email Us or

Ivan Quinn, Treasurer: 810-444-9547
Mark Meisel, President: 810-354-5469

Runyan Lake Inc. (RLI) has jurisdiction over the lands abutting Runyan Lake, and also other properties around Runyan Lake by virtue of being a Summer Resort Corporation.  RLI was issued a corporation charter by the state of Michigan on November 10, 1950, and is authorized and empowered by Michigan Public Act 137 of 1929, and Michigan Public Act 44 of 2006.   A complete description of the territory under RLI's jurisdiction can be found in the recitals of the RLI Bylaws.  A MAP of the territory can be accessed below.  

Association Basics:  RLI has jurisdiction over the lands within its territory, but limits that jurisdiction to matters which directly affect Runyan Lake.  RLI is not involved with architectural standards, neighborhood developmental standards, roads, or utilities.  Tyrone Township zoning regulations govern property developmental standards.  The Livingston County Road Commission (LCRC) owns and maintains the road systems, except where private roads are established within Runyan Lake Heights and Runyan Lake Point.  RLI manages lake access, lake water quality, lake use safety, aquatic weed control, association sponsored social events such as the 4th of July fireworks and Music Night on the Island, and owns and maintains the boat ramp and island properties.

RLI Dues for Runyan Lake Inc. are established by vote of the Membership during the Fall General Meeting, and invoiced in January of each year to each property within the RLI territory having a unique property tax id.  RLI does not prorate dues.  Unpaid dues will result in a lien being placed on the property.  The corporation's fiscal year is January 1 - December 31.

For the current year and historical dues amounts please refer to the annual dues page.

Neighborhood Associations:  There are also three neighborhood associations within the RLI territory.  Properties located within Runyan Lake Point, within Runyan Lake Heights, and within Runyan Lake East also belong to neighborhood homeowner's associations: the Runyan Lake Heights Association, Inc. (RLHAI), the Runyan Lake Point Property Owners Association, Inc. (RLPPOA), and the Runyan Lake East Condominium Association respectively.  Dues for the three neighborhood associations vary and are in addition to applicable RLI dues and payable directly to those associations.  Realtors and Title Companies will also need to contact those associations to request dues and lien status.  Please see the following page for more information:  Other Associations. 

Additional Information and Resources

RLI Bylaws:  Please see the following page:  RLI Bylaws.

Contact Information:  Please see our Contact Us page.

General Runyan Lake Information:  Please see the following page:  About Us!

Lake Access Rights and Privileges:  Please see the following page:  Lake Access.

New Owners:  It is greatly appreciated if new owners contact RLI directly to ensure their property records are updated, so we can ensure they have a current copy of the RLI Bylaws, and so we can answer any questions they might have.  New owners can contact RLI HERE, or you may contact one of the RLI trustees directly HERE.

RLI Territory:  Please see the following map for area and territory delineations:  Map.

Additional Questions:  You may find answers on our FAQ page, or please feel free to Contact Us.


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Runyan Lake Inc.

PO Box 105

 Fenton, MI  48430-0105, USA

Contact us

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