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Community Notices - Archive

(All the notices we have issued)


4/11/2021:  Proposed asphalt plant in Tyrone Township information packet emailed to Members.


8/29/2020:  The 8/29 Music on the Island event has been cancelled due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions.


8/5/2020:  The 8/9 Music on the Island event has been cancelled due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions.


7/21/2018: From Tyrone Township - The burn ban has been lifted.  Permits are still required to burn.


7/12/2018: From Tyrone Township - A burn ban is in effect until further notice.  Please do NOT burn. This includes campfires.

7/11/2018: LOST - HO Syndicate S2 ski.  White on top, black on the bottom.  (found)


7/5/2018: REMINDER - You are required to comply with all State of Michigan boating laws.  We are receiving complaints about boaters without spotters pulling tubes.  This is dangerous for you and your children!  Please don't risk an accident, or death.


7/1/2018:  The lost dog reported missing last night has been located.


5/3/2018: The burn ban has been lifted.  Please burn safely.  Reminder, burning requires a burn permit.


May 1, 2018, Tuesday - A burn ban is in effect for Tyrone Township due to dry conditions and high winds starting today.  DO NOT BURN


4/20/2018:  Spring Email to all Members - click here


4/18/2018:  Loose Dog Complaints

As spring is beginning to arrive we are receiving more wandering dog complaints.  Michigan law requires your dog to be on a leash in your immediate control if your dog is not within your property.  Please respect your neighbors and don't let your dog wander!


2/23/18:  Email to all Members

Click here to read the email sent to all Members on 2-23-2018.


11/6/17:  Garbage Collection email

See the new garbage collection opportunity for Runyan Lake residents.  Click on the Garbage Collection link on the link bar.


6/28/17:  Fireworks Notice

Notice of Runyan Lake’s 4th of July Fireworks Display

This year’s fireworks are scheduled for Saturday, July 1st at dark (approximately 10 pm). 

Volunteers still needed to help with setup and takedown.  Please contact us via email if you are willing to help.

Notice of Island and Ramp Closure for Fireworks on Saturday, 7/1/16

Please be aware both the island and boat ramp will be closed on Saturday July 1, 2017, to prepare for our fireworks display. 

If you need access to the boat ramp on Saturday it will need to occur prior to 8:30 AM.  An appointment with a trustee is required.  The ramp will not reopen until Sunday morning.

The island will be taped off and closed after approximately 10:00 AM Saturday.  Please do not approach the island or allow your dogs to gain access to the island.  Do not enter the area closed off with caution tape.  This is very dangerous for the setup crew as they are working with explosives! 

Please also stay as far away as possible from the dock side of the island while boating.  Boat wakes have splashed fireworks on that side of the island and ruined them.  Boat wakes also make unloading the fireworks equipment dangerous!  Please watch for, and stay away from the fireworks set up crew as they transfer equipment to the island.

The island will reopen on Sunday after a clean-up crew has cleared the island and determined it is safe.  The fishing contest presentations are Sunday at 11:00 AM on the island.

Finally, as darkness settles in, please stay at least 300 feet from the island.  Any boats or people within 300 feet of the island will prevent the show from beginning or stop the show while it is progress.  We will have several aquatic shells this year so keeping a safe distance from the island is even more important.

We could still use a few more volunteers to help with take down after the show.  Please contact me if you are willing to help.

Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated to ensure our shows remain safe and accident free! 

As always, we hope everyone enjoys the show!

Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

4/9/17: High Water Advisory
Due to recent rains Runyan Lake is currently approximately 10 inches above its average level.  As a result many items on shores are now touching water and may float away.  Significant winds will continue today and tomorrow, so wave action will further affect items on shores.  Please check and secure items on or near the water so you do not lose them!


3/8/17: Sewer leak reported at 10128 Walnut Shores by LCDC.  Press release for a sanitary sewer overflow March 7, 2017:


A sewer leak occurred Tuesday March 7 from a failure in the curb stop valve assembly where the lateral sewer pipe connects to the force main at a home on Runyan Lake in Tyrone Township. The leak was reported to Livingston County Drain Office operators at 6:23 pm and was contained at 8:15 pm when a sewer vacuum truck arrived.


The estimated amount of discharge was approximately 1000 gallons of raw sewage that flowed across two yards and into a catch basin to the lake. The raw sewage and ground water were vacuumed up throughout the entire flow path. Residents were informed of exposure precautions.


(note:  This is the second break and flow into Runyan Lake this winter.  On January 28th approximately 1800 gallons leaked from 10369 Lakeshore Drive.)


2/4/17: Website running again.  Our site now uses SSL and Malware protection to better secure and protect our website.


9/15/16: Unable to update Website Due to Website Host Changes

10/16/16: After a great summer and fall the boating season is coming to an end.  As a result, the sandbar marker buoys have been removed today, 10/16, for the year.


8/14/16: Found Item:  A man’s gold and diamond wedding type ring in the water at the Island.  Call Maynard Isabell with a description of the lost ring at 810-444-9885.


7/23/16:  From Tyrone Township

The burn ban will be lifted Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 6:00 AM. Please burn safely. A burn permit is still required to burn.


7/11/16: Lost Item

Dear Runyan Lake Friends, We have lost our dear family pet Mr Socks. He is a brown/white tabby cat with long hair and very friendly. We live at 10559 Sleepy Shores Path, off Walnut Shores. He was last seen on Thursday evening before the thunder storms. He comes when his name is called. If you see him or have him please call 517-305-7134, we will pay a reward for him.


Dawne and Scott Sheffield


6/23/16:  From Tyrone Township

FENTON, MI 48430
(810) 629-8631


June 23, 2016 - Due to the dry conditions, a burn ban is in effect until further notice.  Please do not burn!

Violators are subject to a $1400 fine!

See the latest burn ban status on the Tyrone Township website,

6/23/16: Lost Item:  On the night of Saturday 6/18/16, my orange 12' Oldtown Kayak went missing. If anybody sees it, please contact Erich at (810) 629-6285.


6/4/16: Lost Item:  A blue Hawaiian print life jacket, liquid force brand name.  If found please call John at 248-320-7230.



Website Forms Not Working

Unfortunately, our website host now requires us to use one of their unsecured contact forms.  Despite our best efforts the forms have been repeatedly hacked to the point where we no longer receive emails using their form.  Therefore, until further notice, please submit all requests to RLI by emailing us directly at



Found Item: A pontoon style raft with blue carpet floated up to shore today.  On it was a jet ski hoist.  The raft has "private" and "keep off" on the sides. It has been partially pulled ashore, as much as possible. It can be currently found at 10524 Runyan Lake Court. 


3/30/16: High Water and Wind Advisory:
The National Weather Service is predicting heavy rain during the next 30 hours, with potential wind gusts to 60 mph.  The water level of Runyan Lake is already elevated from recent rains.  Please check your shoreline to be sure your valuables are well above the current water level and secured.


10/11/15:  Notice - The sandbar marker buoys have been removed for the season.  Please boat with caution.


10/5/15:  We have been informed watercraft in the channel area are being targeted with fuel being siphoned and attempts to remove outboard motors.  Please ensure your watercraft are secure and report any suspicious activities to the Livingston County Sheriff by calling 911.  Keep in mind as the days have grown significantly shorter there is additional opportunity for those looking to steal items under the cover of darkness.


7/1/15:  Please read our email sent on 6/28 to all RLI Members.


5/31/15:  Please read our email sent on 5/31 to all RLI Members.


5/11/15:  A spring reminder from the Livingston County Sheriff -

Remember to take valuables out of cars parked in driveways and also lock your cars. Its that time of year where kids start "car hopping", which is a felony. Also secure anything on boats and keep sheds locked.  Report any suspicious people or activity to. 911.


1/31/15:  The Dates & Events page has been updated for 2015.


1/25/15:  There have been several daytime breaking and enterings around Tyrone Twp and the Northwest part of Deerfield Twp. One person has been identified and has been sent to prison for a probation violation. However it is believed his girlfriend and another unkown male are continuing to work the area. Keep your homes and vehicles locked and report any suspicious vehicles or people to 911.


10/1/14: We are having issues with our website client emails.  Until further notice, to contact RLI please send an email to us directly using


7/28/14: Our outbound email is being blocked by our email service provider.   We are trying to resolve the issue.  (resolved on 8/1)


7/27/14:  Found Item -

Cell phone in black case on island, likely left after the island event.  Call 810-354-5469 to identify and claim your phone.


5/13/14:  High Lake Level Alert Cancelled.


5/13/14:  High Lake Level Alert!

Please read the email notice here.


5/6/14: The area around the island has been cleared of rocks.  Please use caution when boating around the island since the area is generally shallow and any objects in the water can result in contact with outdrives and propellers.


 5/3/14: A number of large rocks from our seawall were thrown into the navigation area around the island dock.  Please avoid the area around the island until further notice to avoid damage to stern drives, outboard motors, and propellers.   Once the area is clear we will post another notification. 


 4-9-14 Email to all Members


9/1/13:  Found item:  A women's Hyperlite adult large life-jacket floating on the small (north) end of the lake.  It's hanging on a dock post located approximately ½ the distance between the Point to the far north end of the lake on the south east shoreline.


8/25/13:  Safety Alert - Navigation Buoy Vandalism.  Please see the following email notice


7/12/13:  Aquatic Weed Control Notice.  Please see the Aquatic Plant & Weed Control web page


7/2/13:  The boat ramp and island will be closed from 11AM Saturday, July 6th until Noon Sunday July 7th to facilitate our fireworks display.


6/25/13:  Goose control, Theft, and Water Safety notice emailed.  Click here for the notice.


6/24/13:  We have received another report of theft from Walnut Shores.  Please look out for yourselves, and your neighbors. 


6/21/13:  We have received complaints related to noise late at night.  The origin of the noise is people on boats or pontoons, and people on the island. 


Please keep in mind noise travels very easily across the water, especially at night.   Many of your neighbors work during the week, so being awakened by excessive noise at 2 AM is disruptive to their need for sleep.  We are a community of over 600 people trying to peacefully coexist.  Please consider your neighbors when you are out having fun. 

Parents, please remind your near adult teenagers this applies to them as well.  Many of our island related complaints are a result of gatherings of teenagers.


Explosive fireworks, despite the new fireworks law, remain illegal when they exceed local noise ordinance limits, except for the day before, the day of, and the day after a national holiday.    


Finally, RLI does not have police powers.  If you have a noise complaint which needs to be immediately addressed, please contact the Livingston County Sheriff by calling 911.  These types of incidents are classified as disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct.  Since these are generally criminal offenses, the Sheriff is your best resource to file a complaint and to get some resolution, with or without an arrest.


5/24/13:  We are beginning to receiving reports of suspicious activities at Member’s homes and garages.  The latest attempts appear to wait until someone leaves their garage area, then the person knocks on the door to see if anyone is home.  If someone answers they request "help", such as a ride to somewhere, a simple way to get you out of the home so someone else can enter while you are gone.

As a reminder, please do not allow strangers into your home – they may be there to simply look around to see what valuables you have.  Also, please check the security of your personal belongings and look out for any unexpected activity at your neighbors.  Please be aware unattended and unlocked garages, homes, vehicles, etc. in today’s world are simply an open invitation for many.  Our preoccupation with summer fun often creates opportunities for others.  Leaving your home or vehicle unlocked for just a few minutes while you walk down to the lake is all the opportunity these folks need.  Please look after your property, and that of your neighbors, so as to not invite additional undesired activities.  Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Livingston County Sheriff by dialing 911.


10/22/12:  Found items - item # 1: black kayak paddle;
item # 2: black and white sea-doo tube. call Norm at 248-245-8852 to claim.


10/20/12:  Found - Blue boat cover in water, has American Canopy lettering.  Can be claimed at the shore of 10348 Walnut Shores Drive.


9/17/12:  We are once again receiving reports of break-ins into Member’s vehicles over the weekend.  Please check the security of your personal belongings and look out for any unexpected activity at your neighbors.  Please be aware unattended and unlocked garages, homes, vehicles, etc. in today’s world are simply an open invitation for many.  Our perceived “escape” on Runyan Lake from the rest of the world simply no longer exists.  Please keep in mind the days are now shorter and the nights longer.  The cover of darkness often creates opportunities for others.  Please look after your property, and that of your neighbors, so as to not invite additional undesired activities.  Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Livingston County Sheriff by dialing 911.


9/7/12:  Lost:  two mail box keys on a "Seagrams 7" key ring.  May have been left in mail box key slot on Merrill Drive.  If found please call (810) 750-2819.  (found - thanks!)


9/5/12:  Found:  Pelican brand orange molded kayak with one paddle floating in the Runyan Lake Ct. cove Wed. 9/5/12 about noon.  It was pulled on shore due to bad weather approaching.  To further identify and claim, please contact Bill at 810-853-2475.


8/29/12:  Lost:  Paddle boat, older model with tan top, pinkish bottom.  May have drifted away several days ago.  If found please contact Geri at 810-629-1340. (found - thanks!)


8/25/12:  Found:  Keys on Walnut Shores by Czarnota's Thursday.  They are attached to a short Jagermeister lanyard with a green bottle opener.  To further identify and claim, please contact Julie at 810-208-7272.


8/24/12:  Lost:  Black foam matt, 4 feet x 4 feet, 4 inches thick.  Likely in the northern area of the lake.  If found please contact Andy at 810-241-4144.


8/9/12:  Found:  "Siesta" water floating lounge.   It is currently tied to the dock at 10258 Walnut Shores.


8/8/12:  Lost - Kayak paddle with silver shaft and black paddles.  If found please contact Andy at 810-241-4144.


7/29/12:  Lost:  During July 25th Wednesday night rain storm, lime green lawn chair and big birtha tube.  If found please contact Norm at 248-245-8852.  (found - thanks!)


7/15/12:  Found - Sea-Doo key.  Please call Mike @ 810-936-5530 to claim. 


7/3/12:  Found – Raft, approximately 4 x 5 feet, appears to be black rubber like material.   Can be reclaimed along the south shore of Runyan Lake Point, about four (4) properties to the west of Carmer Road. 


6/25/12:  Found - Water ski type bag with wake board and additional equipment inside alongside the road.  Call Dan at 810-730-9311 to describe the contents and claim your items. 


6/12/12:  We are receiving reports of attempts to break into Member’s garages and vehicles over the weekend.   Please check the security of your personal belongings and look out for any unexpected activity at your neighbors.  Please be aware unattended and unlocked garages, homes, vehicles, etc. in today’s world are simply an open invitation for many.  Our preoccupation with summer fun often creates opportunities for others.  Please look after your property, and that of your neighbors, so as to not invite additional undesired activities.  Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Livingston County Sheriff by dialing 911.

6/12/12:  Weed treatment applied.  See the Weed Control page for more details.


6/11/12:  We will be attempting to treat tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  The forecast is for winds in the mid teens by 7 am so our contractor will have the final say.  The forecast for the rest of the week appears to offer some additional opportunities if the morning does not work out.   Due to the delay the treatment plan has been updated a bit.  A revised treatment map can be found on the website – follow the weed control link.


5/31/12:  Weed treatment delayed due to windy weather.  New target date is Monday, June 4th.


5/29/12:  Mute Swan email sent to Members.  See email here


5/29/12:  Our first treatment will occur the last week of May for Curly Leaf Pondweed and Northern Milfoil.  Reward and Chelated Copper are being used so restrictions will be 24 hours for swimming and 3 days for watering.  Clipper is also being tried in the areas near the outlet, as recently permitted by the MDEQ.  The actual treatment date and treatment notice will be posted when available.   More information and the treatment map can be found on the Weed Control page.


4/19/12:  Runyan Lake Garage Sale!  Saturday, May 19th, 8am - 4pm


11/1/2011:  Raft found.  Described as Styrofoam, about 3x5, and black. No name or address is on it. The raft can be found at, or near the Chauvin’s (Runyan Lake Court).


10/25/2011:  Tyrone Township is hosting a Gleaners Holiday Food Drive and visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause on Saturday, December 3rd, 1 - 3 PM at the Tyrone Township Hall.  Click here for more information.


10/3/2011:  Tyrone Township Master Plan Visioning Session - 10/22/2010.  See Tyrone Township News page.


9/24/2011:  Lost: Aluminum fishing boat. This may be the boat seen floating towards Runyan Lake Road on Monday. If you know the current location of this boat please call Tim Farren at (248)672-7822. (found - thanks!)

8/4/2011:  Found:  HO Sports red and yellow towable tube. Pink and yellow rope attached.  Found floating in small side of lake in late July.  Current location:  LaClear pontoon (Carmer Road channel).


7/4/2011:  Lost Dog - Yorkshire Terrier, Runyan Lake Court area.  Please call 248-410-5415 or number on collar if found.


6/12/2011:  Lost - Red and white boat seat cushion.  If found please call 810-875-7581.


6/9/2011:  Lost - Blue Caribbean lounger (floating chair) blew away during last night's storm.  Call 629-8054 if found.


6/9/2011:  LOST - Jetski cover for Yamaha, along Walnut Shores, blew off in the storm during early morning of 6/9.  Call 750-1455 if found.


6/6/2011:  LOST - Mike Czarnota lost 2 orange life jackets as they floated away in the last storm. Please call 248-252-2194 if you have them.  (items found - thanks!)


6/5/2011   A section of dock (46" x 86") floated to up to 10015 Walnut Shores (the house by the ramp).  You may also call 629-8054 to verify it is yours.


10/13/2010 & 10/5//2010 Petition forms emailed to Members.  Those who have email addresses on file with RLI and have not yet signed the RLI Charter or Goose Control petitions were emailed information and petition forms.  Click HERE for more information.


9/27/2010 FOUND ------- PADDLE BOAT  CALL 810-629-6285


8/22/2010  Island and ski course vandalized.  Please report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff by calling 911.  Also, no glass is allowed on the island for safety reasons.  Please honor this Bylaw provision. 


8/22/2010 Found on the island – navy hooded sweatshirt, Powers Football, appears to be a men's large. Please call 810-629-3406 to claim.


7/30/2010  August 3rd Election Information emailed --  Your Runyan Lake Inc. Board rarely offers election recommendations, however the Public Safety special assessment proposal will impact all Runyan Lake Inc. members.  You can access our letter to members here.  You can access the Township newsletter here.


6/10/2010  Weed Treatment applied --  Weed treatment was applied today in targeted locations for Pond Weed and Elodea.  Treatments for other weed types will be applied if and when necessary.  Treatment notices can be found along the shores of areas where treatment occurred.


4/5/2010  Dock Sections retrieved  --  Five dock sections made of 2 x 6, held together by a Z pattern on the back and approximately 4 foot by 4 foot each were pulled from the lake.  Call 810-629-3406 to identify and claim.


3/29/2010  Paddle Boat rescued  --  Paddle boat retrieved from the lake.  Call 810-629-3406 to identify and claim.


9/8/2009  Boys large size short sleeve red & black jersey shirt -- Found on Runyan Lake Ct. shoreline over Labor Day weekend.  Call Bill at 810-853-2475 for it or it will be washed and given to the Salvation Army.


8/20/2009  Pontoon to be reclaimed -- During last night's storms, a yellow, Harley Davidson, aqua patio with no MC numbers washed up at 10524 Runyan Lake Court.  It is currently moored there.  Please claim your property.  It would also be beneficial if the owner registered the pontoon with RLI, as required by our Bylaws, so that in cases such as this we could immediately identify and contact the owner.


8/18/2009  Survey Request – The RLI Board is researching interest in establishing a foundation in the Runyan Lake area.  Based on preliminary feedback, it was suggested a survey be utilized to help gauge interest by RLI members in a foundation.  As a result, we are asking you to take a few minutes to complete the survey accessed via the link below.  There are only four (4) quick questions to answer, along with an area for additional comments if you have any.  The survey site is verified secure, does not generate SPAM, and will not send you emails or download software onto your computer.  The survey is designed and can be accessed only by those receiving this email.  We would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to better understand your interests.  Thank you!

... To take the survey copy this link into your browser or follow this link:



8/17/2009  Weed Treatment Today -- Touch up weed treatment was done around the lake today, please look out for notices posted if your area was treated.


8/13/2009  Paddle boat found -- Turquoise and white paddle boat is at the east end of the NE channel, the owner needs to recover it and secure please.


7/12/2009  The dock at the island has been temporarily repaired -- Temporary repairs have been made, thanks to all who helped out.  More substantial repairs may still  be needed but for the time being the dock is safe to use with care!


7/11/2009  SAFETY ISSUE – THE DOCK AT THE ISLAND IS UNSAFE Please note - The south end of the dock at the island has come loose where two support beams come together. Many boards on the dock are rotten and not very safe. It will not support more than one persons weight. Repairs will be investigated and costed. A volunteer crew may be asked to help with repairs as needed. It should be noted that The Board can make disbursements up to $1,500, any repairs over $1,500 will need membership approval at the Fall General Meeting. We are hopeful that repairs can be completed for less than that, and soon. Meanwhile, please be warned, and warn any guests you might take to the island.


6/24/2009  Strangers in the area – A stranger is in the area knocking on doors with a hard luck story about being locked out and needing money (could be a different story tomorrow!) -- be vigilant, be careful when answering your door, keep your vehicles, toys and garages locked.


6/15/2009  Weed treatment this week – Slight delay, our contractor plans to post on Tuesday 6/16/09, and treat on Wednesday 6/17/09.  Due to the mix of weeds we have, a second treatment may be needed in some areas.  Look for information postings at your property.  All member preferences have been advised to our contractor.


6/13/2009  Goose Busters – The geese (all but one flier) were humanely removed from the lake area today.  Thanks to Dave Verbeke for arranging, and to the folks out on pontoons early in the morning to herd.


6/7/2009  Gas cans lost/removed – Two gas cans, blue and yellow, were removed from 10192 Walnut Shores Dr.  They were not put out for trash!  Please return them!


6/7/2009  Sewer additive NOT needed! – Postcard advertisements for septic tank additive have been mailed into the Runyan Lake area.  Please ignore this advertisement, save your money!  The Runyan Lake sewer system is NOT a septic system, it does NOT need additives.  Our grinder pumps are specifically designed to deal with solids, additives could potentially break down pump seals and other components.


6/2/2009  Wheel & tire found – 14 inch wheel from a boat trailer or from a dock section found on shore at 10530 Runyan Lake Point.  If it is yours please retrieve it, or call Tim at 248-720-9497.  If the wheel is not retrieved soon it will be disposed of by the finder.


5/23/2009  Goose Busters – Are scheduled to be here for geese round up early on Saturday, June 13.  This process is very successful, we are down to 4 adult birds residing here this year.  The geese will be humanely removed from the lake area.  We may need access to waterfront properties for round up, and trust that members will support us with this effort by allowing brief access early in the morning.


4/28/2009  Steel/aluminum canoe found – A long silver steel/aluminum canoe has washed up on a beach on the west side of the lake, opposite the Point, if it is yours, please retrieve it and secure it.  If you need to locate it please call 810-750-1074.  Thanks. 


4/26/2009  Heavy rain, high water, floating toys and debris -- For those who might not be aware, we have had lots of rain, the lake water level is very high, and still rising.  A lot of debris and some loose floating toys are out on the lake, please be aware, retrieve your toys if they are out there, and remove any debris that you find.


4/9/2009  Thefts from cars on White Lake Rd -- Items were stolen from unlocked vehicles on White Lake Road last night.  Other items have been stolen recently from unlocked storage areas along Carmer Road.  Please be vigilant, and keep your vehicles, homes, and storage units locked at all times.


4/5/2009  Two buoys loose on the lake -- One now recovered, but a yellow mooring buoy is still missing - if sighted or found on your beach please call 810-750-2819.


3/19/2009  Unsecured docks are floating around the lake -- A 10 feet long section, plain wood (no paint or stain) has washed up on the shore at 10621 Runyan Lake Point, north east shore of the Point. Please call 810-625-7081 and retrieve it if it is yours. Please check that your docks and other items stored at the shore are still there and are properly secured! Thank you.


3/19/2009 Burning of leaves and grass cuttings is illegal in Tyrone Township – Tyrone Township does not have overriding regulations, so materials that can and cannot be burned are regulated by MI DEQ. Click here for the MI DEQ Open Burning Guide for reference. Having a burn permit only permits burning of unrestricted materials. Please be aware. If you plan to burn permitted and unregulated materials, please be aware of wind direction and check that your neighbors windows are closed!


3/16/2009  A motor home was broken into in the last couple weeks at a property on Carmer Road, the CD radio and other electronic devices were stolen.  A neighboring home had an air compressor stolen from their garage.  Please be vigilant of your property and watch for your neighboring properties if residents are away.  Call 911 for dispatch if you see anything or anyone suspicious.

3/16/2009  A landscape timber has washed away (8' long, 6-8" in diameter) from a property in Runyan Lake Cove.  Please look out for this and retrieve it from the lake if washed to your shore.  Call 810-750-9768 for it to be picked up.




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