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located in Tyrone Township, Livingston County, Michigan.



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This site is for the community of Runyan Lake, the Members of Runyan Lake Inc., and for the interest of their family and friends, along with those who desire information on residing and owning property in the Runyan Lake community.


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Report a sewer alarm or sewer leak

Realtors & Title Companies click HERE

To contact the Livingston County Sheriff for non-emergencies:  517-546-9111

Most of the documents on this website are in PDF format.  Get Adobe Reader here 

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Runyan Lake water temperature*:  78 degrees (7/21/24)  *@ 2.5 foot water depth (middle of lake may be cooler)


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2024 Fireworks Fishing Contest Garbage Collection Goose Control
History of Runyan Lake Lost & Found/Classifieds New to Runyan Lake? Purple Loosestrife
Realtor & Title Company Link Sewer Rate Increase Spring General Meeting Water Quality Testing
What's New? Annual Dues Payments Cove/Dock/Ramp Update  

2024 Spring General Membership Meeting

Friday, May 17th, 2024

Tyrone Township Hall
8420 Runyan Lake Road, Fenton MI 48430

6:00 PM  Social hour, pizza & pop provided
7:00 PM  General Membership Meeting

Spring 2024 Meeting Synopsis
Spring 2024 Newsletter & Meeting Notice
Agenda with Financial Report
2023 Financial Audit Report
Proxy Ballot
2023/24 Annual Aquatic Weed Control Notice (also in Newsletter)
Draft Fall 2023 General Meeting Minutes

2024 Annual Dues

2024 dues invoices have been mailed.  Annual dues approved by the membership for 2024 are:  Class A = $270, Class B = $265, Class C = $35, and Class D = $0.  Payment was expected prior to April 1st. Unpaid 2024 annual dues are now delinquent.  A late fee as set forth in our Bylaws ($25 for Class A & B, $10 for Class C) has been added to your outstanding balance.  **Please note - there may be delays processing payments after 4/13/2024**

The reverse side of your 2024 invoice includes petition signatures for Aquatic Weed and Goose management for the next five (5) years.  We are required by the State of Michigan to maintain a file with signatures from no less than 70% of the waterfront (Riparian) owners supporting our Aquatic Weed and Goose management efforts for permitting purposes.  Please review and and sign both sections prior to returning your invoice with your payment.  Thank you!

 Dues payment status as of 7/9/24.  A >70% approval rate for goose and aquatic weed control is required by the State of Michigan.

Boat Ramp Access

There are no set hours for the boat ramp.  Riparian Members please call a trustee or gate keeper with at least 24 hours advance notice for an appointment.  Appointments cannot be made online. 

Please use the Boat Ramp page to access gate keeper names and contact numbers.  There are now six (6) gate keepers available to help.

In order to use the RLI boat ramp, our boat ramp use policy, consistent with our Bylaws is:

  • Your RLI annual dues for 2024 and all prior years must be paid for all lots owned;
  • Watercraft must be titled to Runyan Lake riparian property owners or their renters; (State and local law)
    • Renters must request boat stickers through the property owner.
  • Your state of Michigan watercraft registration must be current and displayed on the watercraft; (State law)
  • A 2024 RLI boat sticker must be present on the watercraft (RLI Bylaws Section 8.02);
  • An RLI liability waiver should be on file (RLI Bylaws Section 8.02).

Click HERE for more ramp use information.


Cove Dredging/Ramp/Dock Update

  • Cove Dredging:  Proposal developed with ASTI input.  Pre-application meeting via phone with EAGLE.  Terms and conditions established.  Permit application generated.  Cost estimate is $70,000.00. 
  • Ramp extension/repair:  EAGLE agreeable to 5 foot maximum extension.  Dredging to be completed first.  Attempting to complete before cove freezes but will be largely dependent on dredging timing and weather.  Cost estimate is $20,000.00. 
  • Island Dock Repair or Replacement:  Quotes obtained.  Discussing different proposals for removable vs permanent dock options.  Project deferred to 2022 due to focus on Cove and Ramp, and funding constraints.  Cost estimates range from $20,000.00 to $55,000.00.  Options presented to membership during Fall General Meeting.
  • Letter from ASTI as requested during Spring General Membership Meeting.  ASTI Letter
  • Permit application submitted to EGLE and acknowledged, HPM-Q73N-2RD68.
  • Permit granted 12/22/2022, WRP036103.
  • Livingston County permit received 2/13/23.
  • Dredging underway 2/15/23.
  • Dredging and ramp improvement completed 2/17/23.
  • Ramp lot restoration and grading - completed 6/10/23.
  • Improved turnaround area - completed.
  • Dock to be repaired in sections.  North 15' disassembled, restructuring to follow.

Community Notices


4/9/22:  Garbage Collection rates from Dougies are increasing.  Go to the Garbage Collection page for more information.



11/6/2017:  Garbage Collection email

See the new garbage collection opportunity for Runyan Lake residents.  Go to the Garbage Collection page for more information.


For previous Community Notices click here.

Aquatic Weed Control

Our weed control contractor for 2024 is Aqua-Weed Control Inc. 

Our general aquatic weed treatment occurred on May 30th.  The lake will be reassessed after the fishing contest for further treatment.


Starry Stonewort/Algae was treated on June 13th.

Please see the weed control page for the annual treatment notice, current treatment map, current treatment notice, treatment dates, and more details. 

Are you new to Runyan Lake?
Click here to learn more about navigating Runyan Lake and avoiding the sandbars.

Fishing Contest

The 2024 fishing contest is June 21st - June 28th.  See the fishing page for more details.


2023 results are now on the 2023 fishing page.   

Classified Ads

Don't forget to check the classifieds page periodically.  There might be something there you want or need!  New "for sale" items for 2024 posted!

Lost & Found
Please submit your items via email and check the Lost & Found page if you might be missing something. 


Our 2024 fireworks display is scheduled for  Saturday, July 6th.  Please review the safety information prior to the event.

 See the Fireworks page for more information.

Runyan Lake Garbage Collection Group Rate Available

We still see some Members using other service providers.  Check out our group rate - you might save some money and help save our roads!

Click here to learn more!

Goose Control
Insufficient signatures were available for our 2024 permit application to participate in egg collection and nest destruction.  See the Goose Management page for more information about goose control.  Due to the continued Avian Flu conditions geese will not be rounded up during 2024.

What's New Page
Want to quickly know what has recently changed on our website?  Try our What's New page!

Water Quality Testing
2024 samples were collected June 12th.  All results are within the safe range.  See the Water Quality page for testing locations and historical details.

History of Runyan Lake
Check out the history of Runyan Lake dating back to 1859 and see if the lake is naturally occurring or man made.

Purple Loosestrife Alert

Purple Loosestrife matures in the late summer/early fall.  If you see and can access the invasive plant (spikes of purple flowers), please cut off the blooms and bag them carefully in a plastic garbage bag. Tie up the bag and place it in your trash. One plant has millions of seeds that will fall and reseed the plant next year if not removed. This is an undesirable invasive plant that will choke out native plants, especially in pond, shoreline, and wetland areas. 

More information and pictures can be found here.


The Runyan Lake Facebook site is managed by volunteers providing social connection to the Runyan Lake community.  While many people are using the Facebook site to communicate please keep in mind not all RLI members have Facebook accounts, and all official RLI communications are provided by email, newsletter, or our website.  If you have questions or concerns or wish to communicate with the broader Runyan Lake community please be sure to contact RLI directly.

Facebook Group Name: Runyan Lake Association. 

People must be approved to be part of the group!


Please note:  RLI does not own or monitor the Facebook account.  All inquiries to RLI must be made via Contact Us to reach us. 

Official RLI communications are sent from and are displayed on this website.

Sewer Rates

Jan 2024 (current) rate: $256.00 per quarter


On 12/1/15 the Tyrone Township Board approved increases to our quarterly sewer O&M fees for 2016 - 2021 of approximately 3.5% annually.  Annual increases are expected to continue thereafter.  RLI remains concerned about the large cost incurred by RLI Members while most of the Tyrone Township sewer system remains unused. We will continue to work with the Drain Commission and Township in an effort to control costs and require others to pay their fair share.


Please contact  Pam Moughler, Clerk, or Jennifer Eden, Treasurer, @ 810-629-8631 with your questions, concerns, or complaints. 


  • 2003 quarterly rate: $60.00 (Runyan Lake Community Septic System)

  • 2004 quarterly rate: $75.00 (Transition to Livingston Regional Sewer System)

  • Jan 2024 (current) rate: $256.00/quarter

Rate details and rate history can be found on the on the Sewer page.


We now pay $1024/yr for sewer service, an increase of $724/yr (241%) since 2004!  This does not include the special assessment levied for the 2003 system upgrade, an additional $300/yr for most, or the additional $650 assessment for the grinder pump!

Are we really paying our fair share or are we subsidizing the rest of the undeveloped system?  Ask your township officials about the debt service charge we pay, and who's sewer service we are also paying for as a result!


Realtors & Title Companies
Property owner and realtor information - please click on the above link to access association information and our realtor contact form *

* Please contact Ivan Quinn, Treasurer, Runyan Lake Inc., for a complete package of information including overview, billing & payment status, and lake access privileges for any specific property in the Runyan Lake community.

Runyan Lake Inc.

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 Fenton, MI  48430-0105, USA

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